Some things for your kitchen toolbox!  Not required by any means, but helpful to make your presentations more beautiful.

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image of white dishes

White Dishes

White dishes are the perfect canvas for a beautiful food presentation.  The colors of the food will stand out bright and beautiful against a simple white dish.  Also, consider something other than round.  A square, oval or rectangular dish is more unusual and sets your dish apart right from the beginning.  I like these Strawberry Street dishes, but there are literally hundreds to choose from.

image of squeeze bottles

Squeeze Bottles

Useful for decorating a plate with sauce or chocolate, decorating cookies, bars and cakes, dispensing oils and vinegars, etc. Fine tip can be made larger by snipping the tip with scissors.

image of Microplane grater

Microplane Grater / Zester

Use to create sprinklings of citrus zest, chocolate, Parmesan cheese, etc. Also just great for cooking in general.

This is one tool that should be in EVERY kitchen, in my opinion.

image of Cutter set

Cutter Set

Another staple that every kitchen should have. Create garnishes, precise stacked dishes, perfect little petit fours. Used for many garnishes, cooking and baking projects.

Available in a variety of shapes.

image of Parchment sheets

Parchment Paper Sheets

Baking with parchment paper helps with even browning and nonstick (so no ripped up cookie bottoms) and one sheet can often be used for multiple batches. They can also be used to make piping cones, for serving things like french fries or breadsticks, wrapping food gifts, etc. Once you have it in your kitchen, you’ll find more and more ways to use it! Buying in bulk online is a much better value than the parchment rolls sold at grocery stores.