image of cone made from parchment paper

How to make a parchment piping cone

​Piping cones (aka pastry bags, piping bags, decorating bags) can be used in a lot of ways. Use them to decorate a plate with sauces, to pipe chocolate or frosting, or with a bigger opening, to attractively dispense things like mashed potatoes or other purees. Add a piping tip to create fancy textures.

You can purchase bags (both disposable and reusable) specifically for this purpose, or you can use a ziplock bag and cut off the corner.

​Or, you can do what the pros do and make a disposable bag out of parchment paper. Parchment paper has a lot of uses in the kitchen, so it’s something you should keep around anyway, and it’s a bit more environmentally friendly than throwing away plastic bags.

​Check out this video from Gourmet Magazine that shows exactly how to do it:

Get the goods:

Have you used a piping bag before? What’s your favorite type?

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