image of table set with earth tone colors

Warm up your table with earth tones

The accepted wisdom is that white plates display food to its best advantage. Colors pop vibrantly and there’s no conflict between the color of the food and the color of the plate.

​But all white can be, well. . . boring. And boring is not pretty.

The trick is to combine white dishes with colored accessories on your tabletop. There are lots of opportunities to inject some color – tablecloth, runner, napkins, placemats, flowers, etc.​

image of table set with earth tones

image of earthy table setting

I’m digging these earthy tablescapes from Pottery Barn (source links no longer available). They’ve combined some strategic earthy pieces with the contemporary white dishes to great effect. Look how warm and inviting they are!  They just feel so comfortable, I’m ready to plop right down and dig in!

Here are some other fun items I found that would work for a warm, earthy tabletop:

I think this would be a pretty easy look to achieve inexpensively. Look for wooden, wicker, linen and other natural elements (maybe some things from your garden?) to combine with your everyday dishes for your own warm, earthy tabletop.

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