image of Buche de Noel cake

Buche de Noel

Some recipes are easily made beautiful, but some are specifically intended to be that way.

Such is the Buche de Noel. A Buche de Noel is usually a rolled cake, decorated to look like a yule log. Despite this fairly tight definition, there are a lot of different ways to do a buche de noel, ranging from very rustic to very modern. And, of course, there is an endless range of flavor combinations, as well.

Although a buche de noel usually includes several components (cake, filling, frosting, etc.), many of them are not difficult recipes – just time-consuming. So, set aside some time to relax and play in the kitchen, and present your family with a festive Buche de Noel. Then sit back and bask in the compliments.

Take a look at these beautiful examples. You can click through to the recipe via the link underneath each image.

A rustic woodland style
© Martha Stewart

I love the chocolate holly leaves and cranberries on this one
© Culinary Chef

A frozen ice cream cake
buche de noel style

© Bon Appetit

A gorgeous modern version
© Canelle et Vanille

A super modern version
© Bonbini!

A simple yet lovely
modern version

© Source no longer available

A playful, traditional version
© Delicious Shots

A white version -
a "birch" de noel

© Martha Stewart

Have you ever made a buche de noel? Or do you have another go-to holiday "wow" recipe?

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