Thanks for visiting Pretty Tastes Better!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  

Pretty Tastes Better is all about the plating and presentation of food for home cooks.  I cover everything that affects the end result – food preparation, plating, garnishing, tablesettings and more.  My goal is to learn how to take my dishes from ho-hum to holy cow and then share everything I learn with you.

We home cooks are rockin’ our kitchens all over the world, and with just a little attention to detail, we can turn our humble home-style meals into gorgeous, drool-worthy dishes.  That's our focus here at Pretty Tastes Better.​

Who is this site for?

If you enjoy cooking at home and want to take your dishes to the next level, then it's for you.  

Or, if you just like looking at pictures of beautifully prepared food, then it's for you, too, because there will be plenty of that (if that's you, check me out on Pinterest.

image of fancy plated meal

About me

image of Valerie Tate Williams

I got interested in cooking from scratch when I moved to Texas in 2004.  In an effort to save cash, I taught myself to cook by trial and error.  I'd just find a recipe and give it a shot.  

After a while, I started to really love it and began trying more complicated recipes and new techniques.

Of course, ​when I was surfing the 'Net looking for recipes, I'd find zillions of gorgeous food photos.  A lot of that is about the photography, but some of it is about the plating.  

Have you ever watched Iron Chef America?  ​A significant number of points are given in the judging for the presentation of the plates.  Sometimes the plating can be what makes one dish a winner, just because it was better looking!  And that's because the presentation really does change the way a dish is perceived.

So I decided I wanted to learn from that.  To study what can be done to make my food look as good as it tastes.  And I've created Pretty Tastes Better to document and share what I learn.