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  1. Buche de Noel

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    Some recipes are easily made beautiful, but some are specifically intended to be that way. Such is the Buche de Noel. A Buche de Noel is usually a rolled cake, decorated to look like a yule log. Despite this fairly tight definition, there are a lot of different ways to...
  2. Garnishing 101

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    Elaborate garnishes can be amazing and they do have their place, but there are many simple garnishes that are quick and easy enough for everyday use.
  3. Shocking! A tip for vivid veggies

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    Whether they are going into a crudite platter, a salad, or directly onto your plate, keep your green veggies vibrantly green by blanching and shocking them. The few extra minutes it takes will improve the look, taste and texture immensely. It's so worth it.

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